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Henan Sinocean Refractory Co.,Ltd. specializing in the fields of refractory material and laboratory furnace production for over 10 years .We are one of the most leading and professional manufacturer and exporters in China . Nearly 90% of our products are exported to European, Asian, North and South American, African and almost worldwide . Professional team, quality products and high prestige win us both vast existing and potential international market.
LineI :Refractory Material
1.      High quality high insulation firebrick
2.      Hi-alumina firebrick,
3.      Sintered zirconia brick
4.      Zirconia mullite brick
5.      Low creep fireclay brick
6.      Silicon firebrick
7.      Alumina insulation firebrick,
8.      Light weight insulation firebrick
9.      Japan standard B5 insulation firebricka
10. Other unshaped refractory materials.
LineII: Laboratory Furnace
1. Muffle Furnace, Box Furnace, Chamber Furnace, Laboratory Furnace
2. Tube furnace , Vacuum tube furnace, Rotary Vacuum Tube furnace
3. Atmosphere muffle furnace , Vacuum Muffle Furnace, Resistance furnace
4. Crucible furnace, Vacuum Crucible Furnace, Vertical Crucible Furnace
5. Heating Elements ,SiC Heating Element,MoSi2 Heating Elements
6. SiC Plank, SiC Plate,Silicon Carbide Plank, Silicon Carbide Plate
7. Alumina thermocouple Protection Tube,SiC thermocouple Protection Tube , Si3N4 boned SiC thermocouple Protection Tube
8. Alumina Tube , Ceramic Alumina Tube , Ceramic Fiber Blanket,Ceramic Fiber Board
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