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Date: 2010-11-19

Refined antimony into mechanical operation sinocean refractory materials.LengShuiJiangShi utilization of coal resources, build the coal-fired power stations, taking the development of southern area biggest pithead coal-fired power plants - datang most gold zhushan generating company.

Industrial and urban development needs, cold water jiang and steel to built steelworks, after decades of development, cold steel become China one of the top 500 enterprises.

Antimony smelting, with thecarbonificated and cold water jiang and build the factory, hunan province is the biggest factory in the cold water jiang.

Steel, antimony baked need fire-proof material, the biggest southern refractory plant and born in cold water jiang.

40 years of development, depends on the underground resources, USES is energy-intensive, high discharge, high pollution mode of production and industrial economic growth is extensive growth. 2009, the three industries, the second industry accounts for more than 70 percent, with than resource consumption primarily.

Results the natural get rid of resources city fate: resource exhaustion, environmental damage, the economic structure is single, economic and social unsustainable development.

The reality is cruel. Cold water jiang "three wastes" emissions, high volume accounts for 70% of the five counties loudi, Refined antimony produce of arsenic in alkaline not only damaged surface, and make urban and rural safe drinking water is a great danger, Land lanjiagou mined-out area area accounts for the city, 13% of the total land area, damaged victims of nearly one-third of the population of the city. At the same time, with the resource exhaustion, mines closed, mineral enterprises bankruptcy, the off-duty workers to soar employment pressure.

To integrate resources and look for alternative industries

Familiar with these go unlearned, LengShuiJiangShi began to explore the resource-based cities of sustainable development of new pathway.

Above all, completes the resources this old essay.