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Date: 2010-11-19

In recent years the steel production of new technology and new technology promoted, and energy consumption and environmental protection requirements, and to put forward new refractory more special requirements. From the future development trend, the new type of refractory material will include high-performance structured refractories and refractory functional two categories. In the use of dawn dhi production Raymond grinding mill equipment after they have finished powder, has many applications in refractory material processing or used for refractory addition.

Refractory material is high technology industry, with atomic energy technology, space technology, new energy technology development, has the high temperature resistant, fight corrode, fight ReZhen resistant, scouring the refractory comprehensive excellent properties has been applied.

Refractory material variety, common refractory materials are as follows: (1) resistance furnace refractories classification commonly: acidic, refractory brick: silica fireclay brick, Neutral brick: high aluminum bricks, chrome bricks, Alkaline brick: magnesia brick, magnesite bricks, dolomite chrome bricks, Special brick: spinel brick, zirconium stones brick, zirconia brick, carbon bricks, silica carbide, other brick. (2) heat treatment furnace common refractory: clayey refractory bricks, high aluminum refractory materials, lightweight refractories, heavy high aluminum bricks, lightweight clay brick, light weight-alumina brick. (3) commonly used heat preservation material: diatomite brick, vermiculite, rock wool, asbestos, refractory fiber products, expand pearlite products.

Dawn dhi production mill can be applicable to refractory raw material, especially for pulverizing diatomite brick, vermiculite, rock wool, asbestos, diatomite brick, vermiculite, rock wool, asbestos etc processing. And final fineness can be adjusted freely, and can be enhanced by adding special common devices, production, 30-80 purpose thick powder. The processed products available in coke oven, glass melting furnace, acid, alkali LianGangLu etc thermal technology equipment LianGangLu, non-ferrous metal smelting furnace and cement kiln, and often use the monolithic refractories invigorating the burden, refractory mud, refractory material, refractory projection spray fill material, refractory coating, lightweight castable, gun mud etc.

Dawn dhi r&d various models mill equipment can be easily realized fineness and yield of material, the economic effect of adjusting comprehensive performance in various large mineral&industrial enterprise wide application of also more suitable for small investors rational choice, new technology system pressure-blasting machine, milling machine equipment not only solved the problem of pollution, excellent equipment use more cost-effective in long-term use process to bring customers a tangible benefits.