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Ceramic fireproof textile fiber technical feature application scope

Date: 2010-12-20

      The ceramic fibre has the bulk specific gravity lightly, thermostable, the thermostability to be good, the heat conductivity is low, the heat capacity small, the anti-mechanical vibrations, the heating inflates, the heat insulation performance slightly good and so on merits. Also has the thermostable thermal conductivity to be low, the bulk specific gravity is light, the service life is long, the tensile strength is big, the elasticity is good, non-toxic and so on characteristics, is substitutes for the asbestos the new material, widely uses in the metallurgy, the electric power, the machinery, on the chemical heat energy equipment's heat preservation.
       Ceramic fibre prospects for development and technique of production characteristic: the ceramic fibre is one kind of fibrous light quality fire-proof material, has the weight lightly, thermostable, the thermostability to be good, the thermal conductivity is low, the specific heat small and bears merits and so on machinery vibration, thus in professions and so on machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, ceramics, glass, electron obtained the widespread application. In recent years because the global energy price rises, the energy conservation to become China national strategy unceasingly under the background, compared to traditional refractory material energy conservation and so on insulating firebrick and construction material reached 10-30% ceramic fibres domestic to obtain more broader applications in China, the prospects for development has favored.
        Ceramic fibre's technical characteristic and application scope the ceramic fibre technology characteristic divides into five points: 1. the low thermal conductivity, the low heat capacity 2. thermostability and heat-resistant knocking good the 3. pressure resistance intensity is high, tough good 4. anti-wind erosion ability is fine 5. fine machining performance ceramic fibre application scope: 1. craft kiln stove wall hanging inside lining 2. high temperature pottery kiln stove's back plate 3. kiln liner, kiln vehicle, door shield  4. warms up equipment's heat insulation high.