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Labor letter department issue part refractory material profession newest standard

Date: 2010-12-20

on November 22, 2010, the People's Republic of China industry and the informationization department announcement had issued 438 profession standards, mainly have with the refractory material related standard:
One, YB/T 4032-2010 kyanite hollow spar sillimanite this standard is suitable the kyanite which, the hollow spar and the sillimanite obtains in mining and the dressing, mainly uses in product and so on refractory material, technical ceramics raw materials.
Two, YB/T 4216-2010 sintered corundums this standard is suitable in take the industry aluminum oxide as a raw material, becomes Gao Chun compactly after the high temperature agglutination, the crystallization phase for the corundum (α-Al 2O3) the product.
Three, YB/T 4232-2010 ball type hot-blast stoveWith bears the fireball this standard is suitable in the ball type hot-blast stove with bears the fireball.
Four, YB/T 4239-2010 nitrided ferrosilicon this standing operating procedure nitriding ferrosilicon engineering factor, testing method, examination rule and packing, storage and transport, sign and quality certificate. this standard is suitable for the steel-making with the nitrided ferrosilicon, the blast furnace taphole artillery putty with, the hard ditch uses the nitrided ferrosilicon with and other refractory materials. did not have, HG/T 2775-2010 industry trioxide two chromium the this standing operating procedure industry trioxide two chromium classifications, the request, the testing method, the examination rule, as well as symbol, label, packing, transportation, storing. this standard is suitable for the industry trioxide two chromium. This product mainly serves as ceramic, the enamel, the glass coloring agent, organic synthesis chromium catalyst, also uses in system product and so on polishing paste, paint, pigment productions.above the standard date of execution is on March 1, 2011, detailed name list interview letter department website: