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Application of monolithics refractories

Date: 2011-04-27

Application of monolithics refractories

The application of monolithics refractories, edit almost all areas of the furnace and thermal equipment and structures,  and obtain remarkable economic effect. Well-known, in various industrial sectors, metallurgical industry kiln most, conditions of use harsh, the consumption of refractory accounted for about 60% of its total content.In metallurgical industry, and its subsidiary equipment expatiated the consumption of refractory material, its quality requirements maximum is high. In order to measure refractory material and metallurgy furnace process equipment and technology level, commonly used fire-proof material consumption said. Its consumption refers to the metallurgy furnace with the amount of refractory with steel output ratio. Foreign fire-proof material consumption per ton in 20kg below average. Japan is about 11kg steel consumption, China is 32kg around. Shanghai baosteel ton to 15kg, has about consumption reached the international level. The lower consumption per ton, 1995, finalize the design product constantly GMBH 10.9 reduced, and amorphous refractory has increased, to 1988 shaped products and monolithic refractories 5.9 kg per ton all consumption. By 1995 amorphous refractory for 6.4 per ton consumed kg, and finalize the design for 4.5 kg. This once again shows that in the iron and steel industry, monolithic refractories occupies an extremely important role. At home, in order to reduce fire-proof material consumption, in addition to improve equipment, realize large-scale, improve automation level and LianZhuBi, development of high quality refractory bricks and change the structure of grain varieties grown outside, should vigorously popularization and monolithic refractories, is the top priority, and can get twice the result with half the effort.

  (a) Ironmaking system

Ironmaking system including sintering, coking and high aluminium and affiliated equipments. Belt type sintering machine points with plastic and fire clay refractory with the site fabrication castable, or with phosphoric acid castable precast block hoisting, its service life is 3 ~ 6 years. When using a line in the ignition devices, top press more hearth, working conditions change good, usable light high-strength castable or refractory fiber and its products as line, also obtain good results; Roof insulating layer, coke overburden layer and door with castable areas such as water, furnace head is the damage, with spray coating repair. In addition, charged with heavy or equipment, too lightweight castable; The blast furnace ironmaking is continuous production equipment. Small blast furnace used aluminum acid salt cement and phosphoric acid high aluminum castable precast block hoisting laying, now universal use resin-bonded aluminum carbon not ShaoZhuan laying. Large blast furnace water-wall use silicon carbide castable causes, furnace bottom cushion and the surrounding brick joints with castable is silicon nitride is packing, lining damage with refractory pressed into the material and refractory paint to repair, prolong service life, make campaign reached 10 years even 15 years. Commonly used in blast furnaces of loose Al2O3 - SiC - C qualitative gun mud jams, can guarantee the stability and iron mouth normal operation iron. The hook the original blast furnace with refractory ramming material feeding system, ditch beaten about consumption of iron tons of 110 kg. Now use the low porosity density qualitative castable, once the casting iron capacity up to 10 million t or so, a generation gap through iron age of accumulative total amount about 90 million t, refractories tons of iron consumption less than 0.38 kg. At the same time, their castable and avoid baking castable in blast furnace, the iron hook also get the application.

Hot air stove is the key of blast furnace ironmaking accessory equipment. Medium and small blast furnace stove liner, useful castable precast block laying. Furnace burner usable castable precast block laying or field, the ball in the top is watered by castable watering working lining. Large blast furnace body by furnace shell layer 1 volume density about 1.3 g/cm3 spray coating, the light is a ball in the top layer of acid paint spraying, forming integral lining, using just jade castable, the scene material such as water, and got good use effect; Torpedo type iron POTS and described.simple generally the partial or total use castable, also can use refractory spray coating repair, use the effect is good.

 (2) Steelmaking system

Steelmaking system including converter, electric furnace and ladle finer, outside the furnace and tundish equipment. In electric furnace, dry vibration makings, prefabricated or cast-in-situ furnace cover or furnace cover areas such as triangle, all, obtain good use effect; In electric furnace, converter and damaging commonly used while refractory spray coating repair manual, its method has cast repair, wet and dry or flame spraying and by slag splashing furnace, etc. Widely used in converter, by slag splashing furnace technology, can reach more than 10,000 times campaign; Outside the furnace finer sort is more, RH method and the DH method degassing units insertion tube lining body, general use a high aluminum castable poured into the overall, service life for 20 ~ 80 times.

 Ladle Furnace and tundish is the important ancillary equipment, is also the most consume refractories thermotechnical equipment. In the past, ladle clay bricks, generally with high aluminum bricks, half silica and wax stone brick burning into brick masonry, service life of 10 ~ 70 times. When the continuous converting or ladle ingot casting, high temperature and stay by departing long wait for a reason, cause BaoLing sharply. So, countries to ladle lining material development seriously, and also gained remarkable progress. Angang steel ladle, with 200t converter with aluminum and magnesium castable and their material, respectively BaoLing build lining around 95 times and 80 times; Converter ladle with 300t, baosteel with high purity alumina magnesia castable, after repair built after lining BaoLing generally in 260 times or so, fire-proof material consumption 1.78 kg following; The national many steel ladle, 100t is not more than the new technology with aluminum and magnesium castable, its BaoLing for 90 times or so per ton, and poured steel costs for 5.50 ~ 7.50 yuan. Intermediate with insulating board or bags line of magnesia coating, the slag dam with molanstone, aluminum magnesia and magnesia castable production, can meet the technical requirements for the continuous casting.

Refining outside the furnace, with overall gun for ladle blow argon or ladle spray powder etc. The slag line above site with the use of high aluminum castable, slag line to the nozzle with low cement just part of the jade castable, vibration moulding as whole parcel lining. Shanghai baosteel, with the gun blow argon every furnace for 3 ~ blow argon time 5min, every root gun to live for about 50 furnace, namely for 150 ~ 250min; Shougang used to spray powder, its life is 30 ~ 55min.

 (3) Rolling system

Rolling system industrial furnace, many species and quantity in use below average temperature, all of 1,400 flame furnace. This system can all be not shaped refractory kiln lining materials and has achieved good economic results. Heating furnace of steel lined with plastic for refractory, service life is long, such as large-scale stepping wisco beam furnace has been used in more than 25 years, is still in use. Combined with clay overall castable, service life generally watered lining for 4 ~ 10 years. For regenerative furnace speaking, should choose micro expansion castable already used for lining, more than two years, intact. Forging steel heating furnace for batch operation, general temperature change and a vibrating brick build by laying bricks or stones, such as linings, use 2 ~ 5 months, combined with sticky on the castable with 2 years.

As we all konw, the use of reheating furnace temperature < 14 and intermittent operation, domestic and international production practice showed that its lining material should choose Al2O3 acuities 65%, drying and 1,400 respectively compression strength after burning 25Mpa and not less than 20 ~ 60Mpa, can achieve the purpose of longevity. Because, aluminum content high and intensity big castable, its thermal shock resistance is poor, easy spalling and craze, influence its life.

 (4) Building materials system

Building materials system including cement, glass and ceramics industrial sectors. Cement kiln lining with phosphoric acid high aluminum or magnesia and magnesium chrome not ShaoZhuan, service life 6 ~ 18 months, local also use monolithic refractories. Jidong and liuzhou and other large cement rotary kiln, castable usage of 19% ~ 35%, its main varieties for low cement castable, aluminate cement castable, carborundum qualitative castable and heat insulation castable, etc.; In glass industry, float glass production line, the tin slot with castable is made. In addition, glass tank furnace is used damaged siliceous repairing materials for solder. New insulated tank furnace, generally with the siliceous insulation castable; Ceramic industry with silicon carbide furnace, sometimes with qualitative castable and lightweight castable.

 (5) Other industrial system

In petrochemical industry, with volume density tubular furnace for 0.5 ~ 1.0 g/cm3 light castable, with manual daub or coating method construction, service life 5 years. Built by refractory paint line, also got good use effect. Platinum reforming unit and ethylene plant etc, also extensively applied monolithic refractories. Especially wear-resisting castable in platinum reforming unit is used, can cancel heat-resisting steel tortoise-shell net system, its life also improved. Various conversion furnace lining, using temperature for 600 , general use ~ 1,500 aluminum acid salt cement castable, low cement castable and corundum castable, etc, the service life is 3 ~ 6 years; In nonferrous metallurgy industry, lead and zinc airtight balanced-blast furnaces, the flash furnaceanalyze, cell and rolling reheating furnace, the partial thermal devices such as with amorphous refractory line makings. Recently, aluminum cell widely used prevent penetration castable, achieved satisfactory use effect; In the steam boiler lining, use monolithic refractories, also the most common the. General use aluminum acid salt cement heavy or light castable, service life 10 years or so. Fluidized bed power with high aluminum, just boiler jade and SiC qualitative castable, the plastic and refractory good abrasion resistance, high strength, to satisfy the design and application requirements. In addition, in mechanical, refractory and garbage incineration industries, also use monolithic refractories, and achieved good effect.