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The steel industrial refractory materials and technological progress

Date: 2011-04-29


The steel industrial refractory materials and technological progress
Refractory materials for high temperature industrial service is based materials. In numerous high-temperature industries, steel industry is the most important refractory user, fire-proof material in the iron and steel industry accounts for the usage of the total amount of 65% ~ 70%. For refractory steel industry of variety, quality and quantity of demand, in the technological development of refractory industry plays a guiding role.
Our fire-proof material production has ranked first. In 2005, home for 1359 refractory enterprises above designated size 2276 statistics, production for our country has already become truly tons, the fire-proof material production superpower.
"During 15" refractory technological progress in China significantly
In the tenth-five period, China strains refractory industry structure adjustment, technological progress significant:
Modern large-scale joint steel enterprises of the important refractory products in domestic have basically do every year and self-sufficiency and refractory raw material and refractory products for export. 2005 refractory products export total 153 million tons. This is a very outstanding achievement, because in the 1980s early of reform and opening-up, these important products to more than 95% of imported from abroad.
Important use the service life of the refractory materials has been improved greatly. Such as: the iron blast furnace with AL2O3 - SiC - ditch castable tong quality C iron capacity has more than 15 million tons; Large and medium-sized blast furnace life has more than 10 years, the highest of 14 million years. The basic oxygen furnace life more than 50 furnace, the furnace technology by slag splashing, furnace life of tens of thousands of furnace; Large and medium-sized ladle life has reached 200 furnace.
With new technology of metallurgy of refractory material r&d made gratifying achievements. Such as: with thin slab continuous casting of alien immersed type shuikou, preliminary test, in good condition; Clean steel production for the various no carbon or low carbon, no silicon or low silicon refractory arises at the historic moment.
Refractory materials applied basic research that made new progress. Such as: a high bauxite based and develop homogeneous alumina clinker, fused corundum, fused zirconium corundum a mullite and spinel, etc.; With magnesite based synthesis, has set up a file in GaoTieMei calcium sand in industrial application and succeed. The application of composite materials in basic research, Beijing science and technology university studied and developed AL2O3 - SiC - Si quality products, and application in blast furnace ceramic cup success; Xian building technology university research and development SiAION combining the use effect of good skateboards, corundum; Zhengzhou university at oxide - the oxide composites in the research and development, and achieved gratifying achievements; Wuhan university of science and technology of steel and refractory research, discusses the interaction mechanism with steel refractory oxygen content in relationship, carbon refractory carbureting function and refractory material and steel phosphorus, sulfur, nitrogen content relationship, when for clean steel smelting of how to choose the right refractory to provide the basis.
Gap and problems
Since the reform and open policy, after 20 years of efforts, China has had great refractory material technology development, many products has reached or come close to the advanced international level, has become a fire-proof material production power, fire-proof material production, basically meeting the world in steel industry development needs. But our refractory overall technical level compared with the international advanced level still exist considerable gap, especially the part of the key to still need to import refractory products.
With refractory iron making
Bf longevity with foreign level and system technology also has the disparity. Big, medium-sized blast furnace life-span generally 8 to 12 years, top 15 years. Foreign blast furnace life-span longer, Japan is the longest 20-year zero for six months. In lining, Chinese microporous graphite brick, microporous aluminum carbide silica carbide and microporous silica has just started production and application. In maintenance, wet spray, plastic spraying patch technology for technology, high-quality pressed into the material and the use of high quality gun mud with foreign gap. And melting reduction technology related refractory materials research and development, to keep up with melting reduction technology development. Hot air stove with silica crystals silica and zero expansion of domestic or blank. The iron gun mud and the service life of refractories ditch than abroad.
Steelmaking with refractory
Adopt by slag splashing furnace technology after, our country converter campaign has reached the international advanced level. But by slag splashing also present some problems furnace slag splashing material consumption, such as high, influence the combined-blowing and steel quality and prolong the refining time and improve steelmaking cost, etc. To think about whether developed more high-quality lining material, reducing or not by slag splashing furnace technology.
Electric furnace steelmaking, dc arc furnace bottom electrode conductive material using life is not high, and still need imports. Foreign service life of 13600 furnace times, China reached only 3,000 furnace times. For the steel rod structure bottom electrode, foreign life reached 50 furnace times, China has to 2000 furnace times.
Ladle and clean steel use refractory
China's steel ladle refractories consumptions gap with foreign countries. Our big ladle service life highest 280 times, steel consumption of refractory material for 2.5 kg; And abroad through the set of watering and good maintenance technique, ladle service life up to 800 times, steel consumption of refractory material for 0.92 kg.
Refractory materials are not yet fully able to satisfy the need of smelting clean steel ladle, such as slag line also using low carbon brick, carbon steel material makes, and carburetting combined with contain phosphate, and make the steel material increasing phosphorus, many fire-proof material make molten steel increasing oxygen, etc. Refractory lining of molten steel serious pollution, remains to be solved.
With continuous casting refractories
With nearly eventually form continuous casting of thin-walled alien submerged nozzles shuikou, ceramic side boards, etc, is basically rely on imports, still cannot meet the forestry and roll-strip casting technology development needs.
Excellent sliding shuikou, foreign service life up to eight to 12 times, domestic only 3 ~ 4 times.
After using recycled refractories
Our current refractory with about 300 million after t, more than 80% as steel garbage is discarded. Both land occupied, and on the environment pollution. After overseas for use of refractory material recycled very seriously, through the cooperative development, technically solved reuse question, some countries again already reaches 60% efficiency.
Refractory materials technology development trend
In the past ten years, through the scientific research in science and technology, refractory has made great progress, solved the steel industry by introducing new technology localization of refractory material, but research by the formation of the technology is to track the most, namely, introduced type along, analyze, digestion and absorption, improvement innovation pathway go, their own creative original type less fruits. Future must strengthen basic and applied basic research, improve the technology innovation ability, based on the development of refractory raw material resources advantage, with Chinese characteristic high-quality synthetic raw material and efficient products, meet the steel industry and other high temperature industrial development needs.
Work hard to reduce consumption. At present, our country tons fire-proof material consumption about 25 ~ 30kg, the world technology developed countries some already dropped to below, our country should strive for 10kg to 15-20 kg.
Accelerate the development of high quality synthetic raw material. Form complete sintering, reduction nitriding sintering, fused etc synthetic raw material process. Improve magnesium dolomite, dolomite, chalky raw materials, satisfy new hydration sex resistance of refractories development needs.
Development with higher thermal conductivity of superfine mesoporous brick, microporous aluminum silica carbide, micro-hole silica carbide, meet the needs of the development of large-scale blast furnace. Application for wet spray, plastic spraying technology for technology, high-quality materials, high quality gun pressed into the mud and the iron casting and blast furnace longevity with groove associated maintenance technique.
Under the condition of strengthening simulation melting reduction of refractory material for reasonable mechanism research, damaged selection and development with new, more efficient molten reduction furnace refractories, provides the basis.
To further improve the quality of magnesium carbon brick, improve the quality of the burden by slag splashing, research by slag splashing furnace process, find out the economic and reasonable furnace life.
Research adapted to different smelting conditions (high temperature and vacuum, gas, stirring, arc heating) and different varieties with steel smelting refractory materials, research and development of high erosion slag line materials, high thermal shock of ultra-low carbon magnesium carbon brick and calcium magnesium, in order to adapt zirconium purity steel smelting clean steel, the need. Key research to develop a liquid steel dephosphorization, desulfurization, absorption effect of inclusions mgo-cao refractories.
Development with independent intellectual property rights of the continuous casting with long life function, make the thin slab continuous casting refractories by immersed type shuikou, long shuikou and service life of overall plug stick to 15 h above.
Refractory materials of high temperature to promote industrial energy consumption to have the important meaning. Monolithic refractories is from production to use the advantages of energy saving. Industrialized countries to monolithic refractories usage are reaching more than 50%, at present only by 20% ~ 30% and should develop high-performance and energy-saving monolithic refractories, and application in high temperature industry.
Adopt steel enterprises, fire-proof material enterprises and research unit for research cooperation way, after the recovery and recycling refractory materials technology and reuse technology to produce high value-added products, and gradually make China abandoned the utilization rate of refractory to reach the international advanced level.