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The mineral processing and purification of refractory raw materials

Date: 2011-04-30


The mineral processing and purification of refractory raw materials
High-purity raw material is the premise to create high-quality refractory.Naturalmineral raw materialsare usuallypoorand therich oremining, non-uniformcomposition, quality fluctuations,willdirectthe productionprocessfor therefractoryand causetroubleunstable quality, somethingnot evenuse, soneed to go throughdressingenrichmentand sub-Level,the role ofdressingare:
useful mineralsfrom oreand ganguemineralseparationand enrichment ofuseful minerals.
removeharmful impuritiesin themineral.
as much as possibletheassociatedrecovery of usefulminerals,comprehensive utilization ofmineral resources.
forgrindingore ormineralproductsprocessing,andgradingfor thedifferent specifications
The main methods of mineral flotation, magnetic separation, the re-election, power selection (static selection), optical election, hand-selected, chemical processing, mineral processing, and by friction and eliminate particle size, shape and hardness of the mineral processing. Refractory materials for ore dressing method is adopted and a combination of various mineral processing methods, depending on the material physical properties of various minerals, such as particle size and shape, weight, rolling friction and sliding friction, wettability, electromagnetic properties, solubility , Heating and other traits. At present, refractory raw materials commonly used in mineral processing methods are shown in Table 1-3.

Refractory raw
Material processing method
Flotation, re-election, magnetic
Flotation, magnetic separation
Hand-selected, magnetic separation, heavy media election
Flotation, re-election
Earthy graphite
Re-selection, flotation, magnetic separation, chemical treatment
Magnetic separation, flotation
photo selection, flotation, magnetic separation, dry air separation, hand-selected
Re-election, flotation, electrostatic separation, magnetic separation
Hand-selected, air separation, electrostatic election, re-election, flotation
Re-elected of dry stone, wet re-election
Hot election, flotation, re-election, chemical processing