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HT-1200VCB Vertical Vacuum Crucible Furnace

Model: HT-1200VCB

HT-1200VCB Vertical Vacuum Crucible Furnace is a vacuum chamber furnace with 8" diameter x 7" height vertical quartz liner and stainless steel vacuum flange.  It is designed for calcining or sintering ceramic material or annealing semiconductor wafer under vacuum or various gas atmosphere up to 1200oC.

Main Specifications
Inside chamber Size
Dia240 x 220mm
Max. Working Temperature
Standard working temperature
Temperature Control
30 segments programmable and PID auto control
Quartz Tube Size
205 mm O.D x 190 mm I.D x 340 mm Height
Vacuum Flange
  • Stainless steel with double hi-temperature silicone O-rings ( <300oC)
  • Ball valve and vacuum gauge is installed for immediate use
  • Vacuum pressure up to 10Pa by mechanical pump
  • One porous ceramic disk is included.  Must put the refractory disk in front flange to avoid flange over-heated
Heating rate
0~20 .C / min
Temperature accuracy
± 1
Heating Element
High quality Fe-Cr-Al-Mo spiral wire
Working Voltage
AC 220V  50HZ
Max. Power
Net Weight

  • High quality Fe-Cr-Al-Mo resistance wire as heating element and can be heated up to 1200oC
  • High purity quartz liner :  8" O.D. x 7.5" I.D x 13.2" Height   ( 205 OD x 190 ID x 340 H mm )
  • Stainless steel vacuum flange with one two ball valves and vacuum gauge is included for immediate use.
  • Built in precision digital temperature controller is 30 segments programmable to control heating rate, cooling rate and dwell time
  • All accessories are included for immediate use
  • One piece refractory disk which shall be put top of inside quartz liner to protect stainless steel from heat damage.