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Fused magnesite 97

 Fused Magnesite 97

Fused Magnesite

Item MgO%min SiO2%max CaO%max Bulk density LOI
FM96 95.5 1.0 2.0 3.45 0.2
FM97 96.5 0.8 1.4 3.50 0.2
FM98 98 0.35 0.7 3.50 0.2

Fused Magnesite are produced by high purity caustic calcined magnesite, in process of electro- fused, a part of SiO2 turns back to SiO, runs outm another part of SiO2 moves to the surface because of the huge difference in the specific gravity with MgO, after this process, the magnesite become pure and crystal with MgO, then the magnesite become pure and crystal gets strong, big. Best product in magnesite.